Friday, December 25, 2009

A Memory of Vic Chesnutt

After I graduated from high school, I got on a bus and went to Athens for two weeks, and had the best possible experience an 18-year-old music junkie could have had at the time. It's unbelievable but true. I met Michael Stipe (how exactly is a story in itself) and ended up spending almost a half day with him. We hung out in the R.E.M. office in downtown Athens while listening to Pylon rehearse in the basement. We went to his house and had a drink. We went to a cafe and later, before he dropped me off at the city park where I was camping, a bar. The next morning I got kicked out of the park and ended up camping uninvited on the roof of the R.E.M. office. The woman who ran the fan club noticed me through a window sleeping in the sun. I woke up with a bag next to me; it had a tube of sunscreen and some fruit. Turns out her boyfriend, Armistead Wellford, was the bass player in Love Tractor. She arranged for me to stay in a big old house where a lot of the band members lived. All of that was more than I imagined would happen when I got on the Greyhound bus in Fargo, North Dakota.

But in retrospect the most significant thing I saw there was when Stipe and I were at the cafe. He introduced me to some people at a table -- two women who I don't remember, and a man in a wheelchair, Vic Chesnutt. A cassette player played recording of one of Vic's live performances. While we sat at the table and talked, Stipe told Chesnutt that he'd like to help him record a record. It was the summer of 1988. Two years later New West Records released Chesnutt's Little, which Stipe produced.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Wiki terminology, like wikipedia, not optimized for search.

In MediaWiki terms, including a page in another page is called transclusion, an accurate word, but not one that automatically comes to mind. I searched for "macros" and "include" for a while and, after a few minutes, found a page that mentions transclusion.

More papers to read

From a comment on the Natural Language Processing blog, classic papers in NLP:

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