Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lonesome Prairie Dog

I got some cables and things today so I could start recording music in beginner's style, sitting at my kitchen table playing things into my laptop. The first song I wrote, probably two years ago, is "Lonesome Prairie Dog," a kind of cowboy song with some irregular meter, so far as I remember. It's the only thing I've written that I've bothered to name.

You can't upload MP3s to blogger, so I made a video of this using a recent photo. There's not a hidden musical gem at the end; GarageBand just padded the last forty-five seconds with silence. I've found that I've had to click the play button a few times to get it working, too, so don't give up.

I hope you like it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer, Night

Originally uploaded by ndronen
I was stunned by the shadow cast by a tree onto the sidewalk tonight. A few blocks away I was thinking about the shadows and about movies, and how the movies I enjoy most assume not that this is a world of objects, but that this is a world of light. Those directors and cinematographers and set designers and lighting people seem to understand that light pays objects courtesy by making it possible for them to manifest themselves to us. So I turned around and visited that tree again.