Sunday, November 01, 2009

Avoid the Lippis Report

My last job was in the telecommunications sector and I had an interest in keeping abreast of developments in the industry. At the time some people at work were subscribed to Nick Lippis's mailing list, so I subscribed too. Gotta know what's known by those in the know. Now I work in a different business, but I'm finding that the cost of unsubscribing from the list is torture (whether it's eternal torture, I don't know yet, as I've still not been able to unsubscribe).

First thing I tried was clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of his emails. All that did was load the URL Here's a screenshot:

The next logical thing to try was the instructions right above the unsubscribe link, which read:

Login to your Lippis account at with username "ndronen," or delete your account by clicking the link below.
Since it's been quite a while since I subscribed, I didn't remember my password, so I opted to have the site change my password. A new password arrived shortly thereafter, but logging in with it yielded no joy. Another screenshot:

So I'm stuck — can't unsubscribe with the unsubscribe link, can't login and unsubscribe — so I can only resort to emailing the site directly. Thanks for wasting my time, Mr. Lippis.

Incidentally, the message "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page" does not mean that I entered an invalid password. As you can see here, entering an invalid password causes an entirely different message.

Update (9:49 MST): It gets better. I sent email to the contact address listed in the "Lippis Report" email ( and it bounced.

So now I'm sending email using the web form on the site.

Update (8:41 MST 11/02/2009): I've received a gracious email from Nick Lippis. They've removed me from the mailing list and are looking into the problem with the unsubscribe process.

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