Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ah, the Presidential Inauguration of 2001; I remember it well. It was a new beginning for a nation. The Mall hummed with hope and good cheer. So much potential! So many possibilities!

If only George W. Bush had the vision and courage at the time to give the following speech:

My fellow Americans, the United States of America is and has always been the land of opportunity. From all over the world, immigrants come to America full of hope, looking forward to a future that exists in their hearts, a future that America will allow them to create with the determination of their hands and the ingenuity of their minds. The people of our beloved country were blessed with that opportunity at the birth of this great nation, thanks to the wisdom of our founding fathers and the Grace of our Lord. It is my wish that we will continue to enjoy this opportunity. Therefore, I will not take the Oath of the Office of the President of the United States of America. I'm just not cut out for it. I was thinking, maybe I'll shoot for Baseball Commissioner instead. Thank you and God bless America.

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wendy Lewis said...

he ain't got no soul... o no... o no....