Thursday, October 05, 2006

It takes a few days to adjust to a time zone that's seven or so hours offset from your own. (Denver is GMT-7; I think Madrid is GMT.) I slept erratically on Sunday night starting at 22:00. At 3:00 on Monday morning I gave up trying to sleep at all. I got up, packed everything except for my camera and tripod, and decided to pass the time taking photos.

I started with the sconce on the wall of my tiny hotel room, playing with aperture and shutter priority modes.

Once I got a shot I was happy with, I moved outside to the Plaza Nueva. The yellow building is my hotel.

Just down the street is one of the magnificent municipal buildings.

One of the buildings in the background in this photo is veiled by an enormous tarp. Notice the enormous tarp in the background? There are a number of buildings in this part of the city that are being restored.

The same type of tarp covers the residences above these tiendas ("stores," in Spanish). I've been surprised at the amount of graffiti here.

The Plaza Santa Ana is to the north a hundred yards or so, where this old church stands.

And, my favorite, etched into a fountain at the east end of the Plaza Santa Ana is the magnificent head of a bull, a minotaur with brass nostrils:

¡Hasta lluego!

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